NO bandwidth limitsDedicated Servers with Unlimited Bandwidth

No limit on the amount of data that each dedicated server can transfer.

Whatever bandwidth (data transfer) you use on all our dedicated servers you will not be charged any amount additional to your monthly/annual fee.

The only limit is the server processing ability.  If you choose one of our most basic servers this can mean your server could be transferring thousands of Gigabytes per month (millions of Megabytes) which usually means millions of hits/visits to your websites, but all this is related to the size of file you intend to offer for download to your visitors.

If you intend to offer for download large video files then you could reach hundreds of Gigabytes transfer with just a few hundred visitors.  However, if you are hosting standard HTML or dynamic PHP/MySQL or ASP/.NET/MSSQL pages then you it could receive many millions of visits before your server transfers hundreds of Gigabytes.

NO bandwidth limitsSee our range of managed dedicated servers with no bandwidth limits

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